Five Steps to Maintain Cooling Towers

Five Steps to Maintain Cooling Towers

A Cooling Tower is specialized equipment used in industries around the world. It is a heat exchange device in which air and water are in direct contact to reduce the temperature of the water circulating in the tower.

Industrial customers need many cooling towers to drive heat exchange applications. Without installation, it is very difficult to release unwanted heat from the circulation system. For example, industrial customers are, for example, very eager to look for a manufacturer of high-quality cooling towers.

Your cooling towers are essential to the performance of any commercial or industrial air conditioning system! Well-maintained cooling towers and coolers maintain the condenser temperature at lower temperatures than unmanned systems. This translates into better energy efficiency, lower utility bill costs and a more comfortable installation.

Five steps to maintain industrial cooling towers

  1. Remove Scale Deposits

Since your cooling tower is evaporating, you will see a periodic build-up of scale deposits on your bottom. Minerals in the water can create these deposits, especially if you have problems with water treatment. Limestone build-up can reduce the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system and lead to premature deterioration of your unit. Descale your system several times a year to increase energy conservation and keep your monthly bills manageable.

  1. Ensure a Good Airflow

Poor air circulation is a common cause of non-cold air, poor fan performance and even system failure. Airflow interruptions may occur due to loose components, improper fan alignment, and lack of maintenance on the transmission. Damage to your fan blades can also reduce airflow. Check your unit for debris in the tower or your fill. Your cooling tower may have a buildup of mud on the bottom of its pond that blocks the airflow. Use a tower vacuum to remove these contaminants. The addition of a biocide can reduce the appearance of bacteria and algae in your cooling tower.

  1. Clean your Tubes

Again, contaminants such as sludge, mud, algae and scale can accumulate in the tubes of your chiller and cause partial or total fouling. Clogged tubes can cause malfunctions and failure of the unit. The frequency with which you clean your tubes will depend on the quality of your water and its rate of accumulation. Each unit will experience some kind of accumulation - that's the nature of the system. By regularly cleaning the tubes in your cooler, you will avoid total obstructions and help remove debris. Your industrial HVAC system contains kilometers of tubes. You may need the help of a professional to completely clean your tubes and improve your efficiency.

  1. Inspect the Water Pump

Most cooling systems use a water pump to deliver warmer water to the chiller for cooling. Efficiency during the pumping process can significantly increase the performance of your air conditioning, as well as reduce your monthly energy bills. A well-maintained pump will not have to work so much to circulate the water, which will facilitate its operation and increase its life. Inspect your pump and see if it is turned on and off at the right time. Your pumps should work as your cooler. Lubricate the bearings of your pump and motor, as well as the water seal. Also, periodically check your alignment.

  1. Treat the Water

The maintenance of cooling towers and chillers is not limited to ensuring that the components of your HVAC system are in good condition. You must also pay attention to the quality of your water. Water quality problems can lead to a significant build-up of scum and scale, contributing to the degradation of your system. Invest in effective water treatment to protect your system and achieve optimal performance. Contact Performance Industrial for professional maintenance requests.

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