What is the Purpose of fill in a Cooling Tower?

What is the Purpose of fill in a Cooling Tower?

The Cooling Tower contains fills as the main component of thermal controller.  A tower fill provides maximum surface area exposure to air for a great amount of time so that it can convert into effective cooling for the longest amount of time possible.

Tower fills work as excellent water distribution channels.  In a hybrid tower, it is the medium over which hot water travels and rests before it is cooled.  The tower film works as an efficient source of heat transfer when water passes through film fills and then thin flowing sheets of water make the cooling effect possible.

To provide high cooling rate, certain characteristics are considered before implanting a cooling film in the tower.  Most commonly, consideration is given to the water type and condition, roughness in quality, heat load generation, flow rates and horsepower combinations.

Cooling Tower Sheet fills can be termed as micro-structures that comply to various application needs of the system.  Different film fills are needed to support water compatibility and flow volume. Earlier the fill material was basically wooden lath bars but nowadays extruded PVC splash fills are being used and they come in various sizes.

The purpose of a fill in a Cooling Tower is simple, to provide evaporative heat transfer efficiently and economically.  Splash fills provide instant thermal energy transfer from water droplets as heat exchange becomes evident once the droplets form on the fill.  The film fills support cellular walls wherein the water traps and flows down vertically through the cell compartment maximizing the surface area and promoting exposure to the crossflow or counterflow air to cool the droplets rapidly.

Film fill supports rapid thermal exchange between the water and the air travelling through the film duct, thus achieving the specified cooling.  Film fill is smalle than splash films and can be cost effective as it supports both counterflow and crossflow cooling tower systems.

There has been a significant boost in the efficiency of a Cooling Tower by upgrading from wood splash bars to cellular film fill because of high efficiency film fills that have resulted in reducing temperature by as much as 15°F.  Choice to the selection of a proper film fill must be appropriate because bad water quality can make the film generate fouling. For durability, PVC film fills can give more thermal performance strength than asbestos paper as because of their durability and environmental support.

High efficiency film fills not only reduced running cost than comparable crossflow towers, but reduced shallow film height allowed for shorter water dispensation that in turn significantly dissuaded high pumping requirements and saved electricity.

The films come in two formats, crossflow film fills and counterflow film fills but their structuring is somewhat variable.  Crossflow fill sheets have specially designed flutes within the sheet structure to treat the water through its inlet louvers and drift eliminators when the sheets are positioned into packs while counterflow film fills are sinusoidal corrugations deep up from 2-6 feet and are clubbed by gluing individual sheets together in cross corrugated fashion.  They are hung from support tubes in the cooling tower. The thermal energy is then treated through Drift eliminators which are positioned above the water distribution system.

Crossflow film fills are still preferred over counterflow film fills as they apply in higher water loadings per square foot of fill plan area.  These film fills also prevent biofouling when compared to cross corrugated counterflow film fill designs and give utmost cooling treatment to the building.



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