FRP Square Shape Cooling Towers

kool drop manufactures frp rectangular / square shape cooling towers based on induced draft counter flow and forced draft counter flow design using stationery type water distribution system which is designed to distribute hot water uniformly over fill area.

Price : 3,00,000/-


Model No :- kd-151

Casing (F. R. P.)

The F. R. P. cooling tower casing has sufficient strength to adequately withstand wind velocities up to 60m/sec. (134 mph), earthquakes and vibrations.

The water basin like the tower casing is made of FRP. The cold water outlet can be from the bottom or side walls depending on requirement. Strainer fitted at the out let prevents outside objects like leaves , polythene pieces entering into the suction line. The unique design of FRP Basin eliminates the danger of drawing air into the pump when operating with minimum water in the basin. A drain is provided to facilitate the removal of accumulated dirt from the bottom of the tank.


The fillings are made of PVC. They have excellent heat exchange efficiency and remarkably good chemical resistance. These fills are totally enclosed in the tower, thus excluding them from sunlight and minimizing the growth of algae .

A pre-eminent quality and long life fill consists of modular block of PVC honey combs construction to create prolonged contact time of hot air with water for maximum heat transfer.


1 Standard Type of PVC Fills    :  600 mm X 300 mm X 150 mm
2 PVC Honey Combs : 25 mm (12.5 + 12.5)
3 Corrugation Pitch : 2.8 mm
4 Corrugation Depth   : 3 mm
5 Spiral Angus  : 21
6 No. of PVC sheets per 150 mm width : 12
7 Heat Transfer area / Cu Ft fill vol.  : 1 Cu Ft.
8 Thickness of finished fill   : 0.25 mm

Water Distibution System – PVC

PVC/ GI water distribution system is used in rectangular and square shape cooling towers. hot water enters in to the parallely fixed pvc header pipes of size 200 mm diameter minimum , hot water moves downwards from these header pipes to the narrow pvc pipes by the force of gravity. branch pipes are fitted with splash caps at every 200 mm distance and hot water is finally distributed all ovr the fill area ensuring maximum efficiency during operation of cooling tower.


Aerodynamically designed axial flow type fans are  specifically designed for cooling tower use.  A well balanced    fan delivers large air volume at high efficiency and low noise level.  The fan blades and hub are of Cast Aluminium alloy (LM-6).

The direct driven fan with variable pitched blades . Fans are coupled with slow speed weather proof motor in IP-55 construction. The mechanical equipment is so designed that maintenance of motor and fan blades can easily be carried out without removal of the entire system.

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