Why cooling towers are better than chiller

Why cooling towers are better than chiller

Chiller and cooling towers both are used to remove heat from a liquid used as a coolant in large appliances such as power plants. A cooling tower removes heat from the water discharged from a condenser. The drained water is then returned to the system to cool it again or drain it into the environment. Coolers absorb heat from a coolant that is completely contained in a cooling system. The chiller then transfers heat to the air around the radiator. Although chillers and cooling towers perform similar functions, they differ depending on the type and components used and the type of equipment they cool and operate.

Types of chillers and cooling towers

Cooling towers are designed in two main types: mechanical draft and natural draft. Mechanical draft cooling towers rely on fans to draw cool air into the system to remove heat from the water. In natural towers, which are usually seen at a nuclear power plant, the exhaust air is used, which is passed into a high chimney. When the air rises, it provides cooling properties. Coolers are designed as coolers that are either water-cooled or air-cooled. Air-cooled chillers require less maintenance than water-cooled chillers, while the latter consume less power than the former.

Main components

The main components of a cooling tower are the pool and the pumps. The distribution basin collects the water discharged from the circulating water system. Pumps supply the cooling towers with water and generate a stream of water that facilitates cooling. Coolers use compressors, evaporator heat exchangers and condenser heat exchangers. The condenser heat exchanger is the main component that dissipates the heat from the radiator to the air.

Applications and uses

Cooling towers are generally used to provide chilled water for power generation and mechanical processes. Power plants, located near lakes and rivers, cool the condenser-heated water with cooling towers. Chillers are used in applications that are not affected by the extra heat released. In fact, the extra heat is used to heat the system in winter. Common cooling applications include use in the plastics industry and refrigeration applications.

Power consumption efficiency

A cooling tower circulates with water pumps. The pumps use a lot of energy. The fans used in cooling towers also consume electrical energy. However, the cooling towers offer a significantly higher cooling capacity, which leads to higher energy efficiency of the cooling. Cooling machines are powered by compressors and heat exchangers and are therefore not as energy efficient. When comparing refrigerators, water-cooled refrigerators offer optimal efficiency compared to energy consumption. A wet surface transfers the heat better than a dry surface. Therefore, a water-cooled radiator requires 10 percent less energy than air-cooled radiators.

Why is it important to install a cooling tower?

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Cooling towers remove heat from the circulating water used in chillers, air conditioners, and other HVAC systems. They are also called a heat rejection device. It absorbs lost heat from the atmosphere and converts it by cooling a stream of water to a lower temperature. Typical applications of cooling towers are the supply of chilled water for HVAC air conditioning.

Kool Drop is aware that it's not just about the operation of the systems. We recognize that each building has unique conditions to ensure the health and productivity of its residents. Your cooling tower must effectively serve your HVAC system to provide the right specifications for optimum performance.

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