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KOOL DROP Manufactures FRP Round and Square Shape Cooling Towers based on Induced Draft/Forced Draft Counter Flow Design. KOOL DROP also manufactures WOODEN cooling towers based on Induced Draft Cross Flow Design. Within a short time span of KOOL DROP has created a niche for itself and has become one of the most selling cooling tower brand in India.


Cooling tower is an evaporative type heat rejection device which extracts heat from the hot water and allows a small portion of circulating water to evaporate (using latent and sensible heat) which causes a significant cooling of rest of the circulating hot water.


KOOL DROP’S innovative design ensures high performance and low maintenance. The most effective combination of fan and motor makes them highly energy efficient and cost effective. Cooling Towers designed below 4 deg C approach are highly expensive, KOOL DROP'S standard models are designed on approach of 4 deg C which makes them most economically designed cooling towers for most of the Indian cities.


Proper Selection of a cooling tower is very important a smaller cooling tower may cost its users dearly in terms of running at higher condensing temperatures resulting in lower efficiencies.


We Offer Our Customers The Best Products after Sale Services


KOOL DROP is committed to deliver quality products and prompt after sale services to its customers. Full Support to the customer is provided right from the finalization of order to installation and commissioning of cooling towers, site inspection for foundation of cooling tower, handing over GA and Foundation Drawings. Operation & Maintenance and Trouble shooting Manuals are provided to the customers at the time of installation of cooling towers. Delighting customers with augmented services and best quality products is KOOL DROP’S Motto.

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